Joyce Coats

I have been to multiple escape rooms around Saint Louis and this one was by far one of the most challenging. The staff is awesome and the set up of…

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Ryan Spell

Very cool new escape room with a relevant escape situation. Very fun and challenging with another door to be opened at every turn! Would highly recommend getting out there before…

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Awais Rana

Wow! I’ve been to a fair few escape rooms in the UK and came across this gem while on my holidays! All I can say is we need to step…

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Kennedy Fitzgibbon

My best escape room experience by far. The puzzles are unique and there are more rooms than any other escape room I’ve tried. The staff is very friendly and helpful.…

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Saba Khan

Amazing! Loved the puzzles! Loved the vibe! Really felt like I was a part of the story. Definately my favorite escape room in St. Louis.

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Kavan Singh

Very impressed. We did the Escape Annabelle game and I have to say that the clues followed logically and matched the storyline. I felt as though I was part of…

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